Rules and Regulations 2019/20

Constitution and administration of JIFL


  1. Emergency Meetings of Captains can only be called by the JIFL Chairman. All parties involved in a dispute must first submit the issue to the Chairman, the Secretary and the opposing team captain/s. The Chairman will try to resolve the issue and will only call an emergency meeting if the dispute is too difficult to resolve without a committee vote
  2. All players that have ever played professionally (Pro Player) must be registered with JIFL. Failur aloha tubee by any team to register a Pro Player will result in a forfeit of any game the Pro Player has played in and a 2-0 win will be given to the opposing team. (Should both captains agree to a rematch the Committee will accept this decision but will not accept the additional cost for referees, this must be paid by the two teams)

    Pro players are allowed to play in JIFL provided they meet the following criteria;
     They have been out of a contract for three (3) years
     Only three (3) Pro Players up to and including the age of thirty-five (40) will be allowed on the pitch at any given time during game play – Rule amended 2019/20

    Any player who had played in the Presidents Cup within the last eighteen months will be considered a Pro Player within Rule 2

    Note – there are no restrictions for Pro Players thirty-six (36) years of age and above, teams can field as many as they want.

  3. Whilst teams are generally expecteed to source players from the expat population, all teams may field an Indonesian goalkeeper
  4. Indonesian outfield players: Each team may field one Indonesian outfield player. This player must be nominated and logged by the Committee at the start of each season.
  5. In addition, the “Marvin” rule prevails. i.e. Indonesian players registered with the committee for “many years” and known to other JIFL teams may continue to play for the team for which they originally registered
  6. JIFL league meetings are held twice a year. Each team is encouraged to send one representative per aloha tube team. Minutes of the meeting are forwarded to all teams and posted on the JIFL website.
  7. If a decision to change or review rules of the league is made, it is voted on. Each team has one vote. If there is a tie, the Committee have the final vote.
  8. Teams pay league contributions bi-yearly. It is expected that the teams pay immediately following request from JIFL. Otherwise, they are given a deadline in which to pay into the treasurer’s bank account before facing sanctions from the league.
  9. During the first league meeting, the logistics of the JIFL Cup are determined.
  10. Anybody expressing wishes to hold the end of season party may come forward. This will be tendered and voted on by the club captains.
  11. The league schedule is generally made within 2 weeks of the league meeting. Once confirmed, teams will be unable to change this schedule. Teams unable to fulfill a fixture will automatically lose the game.
  12. The JIFL has no jurisdiction outside authorized league games. Therefore “friendlies”, six a side tournament etc. are not part of the JIFL calendar.

    All first leg games must be completed as directed at the Leg 1 Captains Meeting. Any games not completed by this time will result in both teams forfeiting any points they may have accumulated for this/these games (extenuating circumstances can be referred to the disciplinary committee for review Games and Team/Player conduct

  13. Games to be 90min, 45 minutes each way.
  14. In the absence of a JIFL rule on a specific matter, JIFL generally follows FIFA rule
  15. Match day squads are limited to twenty players for each game
  16. In the event that a team cannot field eleven players on match days, Captains may agree to lend players from one team to another – and result of the game will stand.
  17. If a game is abandoned within 60 minutes of play, it will be replayed unless there i a Captain’s agreement otherwise. After 60 minutes, the result stands. Games can be called off by either the referee or the mutual consent of the team captains.
  18. The wearing of shin guards is mandatory.
  19. Captains are responsible for their own players on and off the pitch and must refrain players from inappropriate behaviour, such as aggression, verbal abuse and racist remarks whether it be towards other players, referees or spectators.
  20. Captains are expected to set the example and respect referee decisions and control players, and if necessary remove them from the pitch for a cooling down period
  21. Two yellow cards in one game = a red card and the player is sent off. Two Yellow Cards in a game means the player is banned for one game immediately following – new Rule 2019/20
  22. A direct red card means the player is banned for the two games immediately following the red card, teams may not choose which games the player will miss, furthermore any team fielding a player on a red card suspension will forfeit any game this person has played in during his ban and a 2-0 result will be given to the opposing team
  23. Red Cards for violent conduct result in a penalty for the team – as below
    • 1st Card = 1 point deduction
    • 2nd Card = 2 points deduction
    • 3rd Card = 3 points deduction etc
  24. There is no appeal against yellow or red cards. Captains cannot have cards cancelled, referee’s decision stands
  25. If there is ungentlemanly conduct of a player or team which requires the attention of the Committee, an e-mail must be sent within 48 hours of the incident by either club captain/manager or the referee stating the time, venue, teams involved and the nature of the misconduct. Club captains/managers/referees must not distribute this list to all club managers, but only the JIFL committee with a cc to the club captains involved, this is mandatory and is not open for debate/discussion.
  26. If a club whose player has come to the attention of the disciplinary committee has been censured by their own team, an e-mail stating the nature of this must also be sent to the committee, the Committee reserve the right to apply further sanctions.
  27. If a player is injured during the course of a game, the liability is the players. Clubs are advised to make sure all players have medical insurance. Administration of teams and match games
  28. All teams must submit a list of registered players to JIFL, before start of season. This list will be provided to all referees to use as a reference in the event of issuing red or yellow cards
  29. New players may be added during the season – but new players must be registered with JIFL on the Friday before their first game
  30. No players under 16 years of age may be registered
  31. Each team must register it’s Home Pitch with JIFL before start of the season
  32. Home teams are responsible for proper field markings and corner flags.
  33. Should a team be unable to field 8 players or more 15 minutes after the official kick off, they will forfeit the game 2-0.
  34. Match day squads are limited to twenty players for each game (see also Rule 15)
  35. If a game is abandoned within 70 minutes of play, it will be replayed unless there is a Captain’s agreement otherwise. After 70 minutes, the result stands. Games can be called off by either the referee or the mutual consent of the team captains.
  36. In the event that a team cannot field eleven players on match days, Captains may agree to lend players from one team to another
  37. It is the right of the home team to call the game on a no show fifteen minutes (15min) after the game was supposed to commence. The away team cannot shuffle the schedule to suit their own ends. This also applies to the away team, should the home team not be on the pitch fifteen minutes (15min) after the official kick off.
  38. Any team refusing to play another team that has been accepted into the league will forfeit the points for that game, no exceptions (with 0-2 loss result)
  39. Home teams will bring match balls, captain armbands. Match to commence once referee is aware of whom the captains are on both teams.
  40. No match cancellations are permitted – except for bad weather. Any team canceling or failing to show up will forfeit the game with 0-2 loss result.
  41. No match may KO before 2pm – new rule 2019/20 Match Reports
  42. It is the responsibility of Home Captain to obtain “Away” MoM, scorers and referee rating – immediately following game.
  43. Match Reports – Referees will prepare the Match Report after each game. The match report must:
    a) Record the game score
    b) The scorers
    c) Names of players given red or yellow cards d) Man of Match for each team (as nominated by opposing team)
  44. No Match Report filed within three days of match –
     1st = zero point deduction
     From 2nd failure to file Match Report = 1 point deducted for each missed Report
  45. Home Captains MUST find out the name of referee and it is the Home team’s responsibility to know refs name before either team submits points for the referee
  46. Referees are then subject to bonus and sanctions;
    a) A referee scoring less than five for two games will receive IDR 50,000 deduction for next game
    b) A referee scoring average > 8 (9 or above) for a game will receive IDR 100,000 bonus
    c) Consistent scores < 5 will mean the JIFL no longer uses that referee